Spring Cleaning Layout

I got to busy scrapping with the new Spring Cleaning kit from Dysfunctional Design (that’s my girl Ami) yesterday. It’s not often that I do a layout without any photos, but I’m quite happy with how this one turned out:

Here’s the fab kit I used for it (it’s 20% off today—woot!)

What’s rather ironic about this layout is that it seems that I’ve been doing a LOT of cleaning over the past month. With the office re-decorating, we had to empty the room and that meant sorting and cleaning through one of the most oft-used rooms in the house (let me tell you, 4 years worth of stuff piles up while you’re not looking). I’m trying really hard to get better about my organizational systems so I can have a fairly neat house without a ton of effort. Madison’s even getting on the bandwagon, purging some of the toys that she never plays with in order to help her keep better order of the ones she does play with. I was very proud of how much she removed from her room yesterday. If she’s anything like I was when I was a kid, it was hard to pick and choose which to keep and which were going to go.

The weather is gorgeous here today. You know it’s getting to be summery weather when I have to literally push the dog outside. :p  He’s already starting to blow his coat, so it shouldn’t be quite *this* miserable for him too much longer. He has a lot of winter fur to get rid of. He should really stop being lazy about that task. ;)

Anyhoo….hope everyone is having such a beautiful, sunshiny day!