It's crunch week

Well, 7 days until our party. It's crunch time now. I'm feeling pretty ok with the schedule of tasks as long as I don't fall behind. The family room is 97% complete. All the cleaning has been done, the gossamer is on the walls, spider webbing is up (unless I decide it needs more), Scott has the arcade cabinet up and running, the pinball machine has been tested and is working order (it hadn't been played in a while...such a shame) and furniture has been moved. I have a couple prop-type decorations that I will get to work on today for our "dungeon" area (yah, that will be the family room in the basement).

After the birthday party wind down last night, the boys went to get Rock Band 2 and Lisa helped me hang some gossamer in the hallway while they were gone. We have a roll of different gossamer that will go in the hallway, living room and kitchen. Lots of staple gunning to do in the next few days (and subsequently probably a good paint job afterward. hee hee).

Scott, being the project manager that he is has put together a project plan for all party prep, so if we stick to the timeline we will get it all done in time without that last minute crazy push at the end. :D

And speaking of party prep.......yah, it's that time. Gotta go, but I figured I needed to blog a little bit this week. Off I go...have a great Sunday!

Hit & Run Post Tonight

Just a super quick post tonight because I know it's been a while (yah, I've been ignoring my reminder. LOL). I found some really neat hair blogs yesterday with oodles of how-to posts for cool and funky girls' hair styles. I went out and grabbed some more hair elastics so I could give some of these a go because many of the styles call for very small elastics to form the designs. We didn't have any since Madison and I both have tons of hair and generally need hair toys made for thick hair. Up to this point I always looked at those tiny elastics and thought "what in the heck are those for? No one has hair that thin." LOL  Now I know. I test drove one of the styles tonight and it turned out really cute. No pics this time because I was already keeping Madison up way past her bedtime just so I could play around.  Next time I'll get to work earlier in the day and pull the camera out when I'm finished.

I have a fascination with cool hair styles. And because Madison's hair is considerably longer than mine, I can do a lot more interesting things with hers than my own, not to mention it's really hard doing intricate work on the back of your own head! I'm just waiting for my own hair to get long enough so I can use a hair stick to hold it up without either ripping my hair out at the roots (trying to get it tight enough to hold all of these horrid layers I'm growing out) or having it just fall right back down on my back again when I let go.

Well, I have some Oreos calling my name. So not good for the weight loss goal, but tonight I just don't care. I need me something sweet!