Well, look what I found!

Seems like my Feet layout was chosen as a featured layout by one of the lovely ladies over at the Genuine Praise blog on Tuesday. You can see that HERE.  That sure does make me feel nice! I've never been one to scrap for recognition (as you can tell by some of my layouts, I'm sure! LOL) but it was very flattering to see that all the same!

If you're into digital scrapping, take a good look around the blog...the girls who contribute regularly pick lots of cool layouts that have caught there eye. It's a great way to find new scrappers and layouts for inspiration (I've totally been known to lift a favorite scrapper when I just can't get the creativity flowing).

Just a quick share...

I found my way to Wil Wheaton's blog this afternoon and in my perusing I came across this post which I found priceless:

Who's gonna drive you home tonight

Boy, I'm not looking forward to this kind of experience with my own kids. I know it will come soon, but I'm very, very afraid.

And I have to say, Wil Wheaton tells a good story. I didn't realize he was writing books now. I've heard recordings of some of his speaking at events and he's quite entertaining to listen to. I used to have the biggest crush on him when he was on ST: TNG when I was about 9. LOL  It was weird for me the first time I saw that he speaks at a lot of game conventions because he's all grown up. I still pictured him as the teenager from the show that I remember. It reminded me that I'm getting old too. ;)

Ha! Not quite a month!

Alright, so I've been ignoring my blog reminder. I've been busy...since the party it's been a constant flow of getting caught up with the work that I put off while party prepping and then working on current deadlines. Now Thanksgiving is creeping up on us and then you know what's next. I'm so not ready for Christmas. I still have spiders and skulls lingering around the house. Behind much? What do you think?

I did manage to scrap a couple layouts, one for the Winter Expressions issue (but it still counts!).

I've had this picture of Madison just waiting to be scrapped...and finally I was ready to put it to a page after making some word art for the DSD product release.

She's such a nut. She cracks me up. I used some of Abish's goodies in that layout. Her papers have such a wonderful, rich texture. I really love them.

This is the one I did for Expressions. Oddly enough it came into fruition on a day that I was making fun of myself and my obsession with feet. I love taking pictures of the kids' feet, I notice people's shoes, painted toe nails. I have no idea why, but I do. And one of these days I'm going to get a family photo of all 4 of us very similar to the one in this layout...just our feet. :)  Poor Scott. I wonder how he's going to react to posing for that one. LOL

I got a chance to use Elise's Cowboy Cool elements on this one. Love the old, country feel of them. I don't have any cowboy themed photos, but the elements are very versatile. They'd be great for 4th of July layouts too! And I finally, finally was able to use a set of Amanda's Abused Alphas. I've loved their beat up look from the second I saw them and I've just been itching to use 'em.

My camera hasn't been out of my case since Halloween night, 'cept to take a few example pictures of a couple hybrid projects. *sob* I haven't had much time to play around with it. I have been eyeballing some new lenses and a tripod though. I keep gazing at macro lenses. I just haven't quite decided if I'd use it enough to justify buying it. I may go for the cheaper magnifier option for a while....I'm thinking if I use the heck out of that and I really want a macro, then I'll be able to reason myself into the purchase.

Well, I have a couple more things to wrap up and then I'm going to get myself to bed. Actually falling asleep before 3 a.m. tonight would be nice. That hasn't happened the last two nights, so I'm starting to feel the effects.